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The Audience Discovery Platform

For An OTT World


  • There has been a significant increase in the demand for OTT viewership data and video supply in the last three years. This is a direct result of conventional television's accelerating loss of cable subscribers from cord-cutting. By leveraging our OTT viewership data, our partners are reassembling these fragmenting TV audiences - offering a unified advertising solution for all viewership across web, mobile and video platforms

  • The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued two patents that protect PeerLogix’s collection and segmenting of viewership data across a plethora of streaming platforms available worldwide. This patent puts PeerLogix firmly on track to establishing our platform as the standard audience-measuring system for OTT audiences


  • PeerLogix tracks viewership of over 65,000 premium TV shows and movies, and has amassed more than 8 years of household viewership history


  • PeerLogix monetizes the information by licensing and reselling to partners in three core areas: 1) Digital advertising; 2) Product placement for content producers; and 3) Content procurement and recommendation for OTT networks


  • Marketers can purchase the PeerLogix’s OTT viewership data to reach, target and measure advertisements directly to households streaming OTT TV shows and movies


  • Our platform can categorize online activity in a multitude of ways deemed valuable for determining consumer interest, such as movie studio, genre, TV network and actor or actress.


  • PeerLogix’s vision is to provide actionable Over-the-Top (OTT) viewership data to brands and agencies so they could continue to communicate with households that prefer streaming services rather than linear TV


  • Our partners now include the majority of prominent advertising and Data Management Platforms (DMPs), including Salesforce, Nielsen Marketing Cloud, Lotame, LiveRamp, adsquare, and the market-dominant ad-buying platform, The Trade Desk.

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