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Entertainment Investment Insights

PeerLogix’s platform has been proven to be predictive of viewership trends on both subscription and non-subscription streaming service platforms. This capability unlocks significant insights for those focused on investing either in companies with substantial streaming services or in the entertainment companies creating video content.


Alternative and traditional asset managers investing in video streaming media companies can leverage PeerLogix’s real-time data and predictive analytics to aid in determining which major streaming services are likely growing in subscribers and audience in real time.

PeerLogix’s proprietary data and analytics can provide a demonstrable and meaningful investment edge in OTT-related media investments not currently available by any other data provider globally.


Although reports vary between clients, the common thread between them is the value proposition that PeerLogix offers. The Company can determine viewing activity across streaming platforms, as well as which shows led to a strong or weak performance.


PeerLogix launched this service to asset managers in 2020, landing its first major asset management client, a premier hedge fund with over $15 billion in assets under management that had thoroughly vetted the platform and data.


PeerLogix Partners with Eagle Alpha to Supply OTT Data to Buy-Side Investor Firms 

The partnership will add real-time and historical OTT viewership data to Eagle Alpha’s vast library of alternative data supplied to the buy-side investment community.

Investment Case Study
PeerLogix’s world-class data collection of OTT viewership have is able to provide valuable, real-time predictive analytics for media investors and others.

I. Netflix Case Study – Netflix had consistently beaten estimates for international subscriber growth -- until Q2 2018.  After missing estimates in Q2 18, Netflix shares dropped precipitously from a high of $419 in early July 2018 to $318 by mid-August 2018.

II. PeerLogix conducted a historical viewing analysis for 30 Netflix original titles across multiple OTT content providers/distributors. This proprietary viewing data was then compared to publicly available end-of-quarter subscriber data.

III. Analyzing data from Q1 17 through Q3 18, there was a direct correlation between the percent change in the number of streams of selected titles vs the percentage by which Netflix beat or missed its posted quarterly estimates for international subscriber growth, a leading indicator of Netflix’s stock performance.

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