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Data-Driven Content Acquisition

OTT platforms leverage PeerLogix’s streaming viewership data to analyze content and programming demand trends around the world in order to drive content procurement and buying decisions. The real-time and historical data we provide is critical to their profitability and it enables them to generate a better return on content investment. 

In today’s increasingly competitive OTT platform space, the biggest challenge may well be the ability to cost effectively identify and license content that will drive both subscriber acquisition and retention. Peerlogix’s comprehensive viewership data library can be leveraged in many targeted ways to meet platform-specific goals, but three key examples are the abilities to:

  • Identify titles with strong momentum that have not yet bubbled up on the mainstream radar. These ‘Niche Attractors’ make strong investments as they can be acquired at reasonable rates even though the underlying data illustrates their ability to bring in a dedicated fan base. After a low cost of acquisition, these smaller, momentum-based titles may well move from ‘unknown’ to ‘streaming hit’ during the course of the negotiated license.

  • Identify titles whose core audiences are significant, reliable and committed — even if not growing at a particularly fast rate. These ‘Churn Reducers’ can also often be acquired at a more reasonable cost than those that might be considered ‘hot’ or ‘trending,’ but can still satisfy a wide subscription audience - giving them little reason to ‘leave’ a network that offers their favorite show(s).

  • Identify lower profile titles that demonstrate strong statistical correlative appeal to the audiences of higher profile targeted titles. This ‘Audience Targeting’ strategy can help platforms satisfy desired viewers by offering new options designed to create a sense of content discovery while assuring that targeted subscribers will find content they like.

  • Identify series titles where intra-season episode streaming numbers are constant, or even increase. This would indicate viewers maintained a strong interest in the show and that viewership did not drop off. These kind of audience maintaining titles make excellent  'Binge Attractors' —shows where the viewer would not be satisfied watching just a few episodes. For these kinds of series, we’d recommend that the FAST offer the first few episodes within a ‘free’ model and put the remaining episodes behind a ‘premium’ wall.

Playing OTT ‘Moneyball’: Data-Driven Content Acquisition

Once armed with this new data-supported and cost-effective way of grading shows, a network can begin to build a truly cost-effective library of licensed content.

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