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The PeerLogix Origin Story: The Evolution of OTT Data-as-a-Service

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

In the earliest days of the new Millennium, at the age of 12, I sat in my room in Ft. Worth, TX building my first computer from parts I purchased from a local electronics store.

With the motherboard, fans, keyboard and sundry screws and bolts spread out before me, I could not have imagined that, by the age of 28, my intense fascination with technology would lead me to build a now publicly traded, streaming video data mining company, leveraging numerous US patents that I, personally, developed.

In 2014, at the age of 26, I was building websites for entertainment studios in Los Angeles when I began to hear a recurring conversation that was clearly of great concern. It seemed that the sales numbers of the mostly ‘direct to video’ releases that fueled the low-overhead/high-profit side of the entertainment content industry were in sharp decline and no one could seem to explain why.

But the answer was clear to me. I understood what my employers did not – that the video streaming revolution was cannibalizing cannibalizing DVD sales across the board, and especially with regard to the most commoditized video content.

Armed with an Economics major’s mind for data-driven linear regression, a spiking interest in behavioral psychology and a fascination with the growing sub-culture of streaming video content, I began developing a research project to answer a question that would come to define the next arc of my life:

“Could a methodology be developed to observe and catalogue global open-source streaming consumption behaviors in order to make correlative predictions about user preferences and consumption patterns of the observed content?”

The technology that grew from the effort to answer this question would sit directly in the stream –posing as a content distribution node - analyzing, cataloguing and correlating myriad streaming data points and would become the framework of my company, PeerLogix.

Today, PeerLogix is the recognized leader in the global OTT data-as-a-service space. The company tracks viewership data of more than 50,000 premium TV shows and movies across more than 180 million households. globally.


U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has since granted Peerlogix two patents which jointly allow the company to track and collect data on the streaming and downloading of viewership content such as movies, television series and music. The audience activity data (including IP addresses of the streaming and downloading parties, production company, content title, media type, and genre/category of media watched) can be aggregated and catalogued in any way relevant to making determinations on user interest.

In addition to our patented platform for collecting and correlating this raw streaming data, the company has also developed a proprietary methodology that can be leveraged to generate a proven predictive model for consumption behaviors of the same streaming content across all top-tier and mid-tier OTT streaming platforms.

We then package these raw and predictive data sets into unique products, both pre-constructed and customized, creating actionable value across an evolving and expanding set of use cases.


Audience Discovery Insights

Media buyers and data platforms utilize the Peerlogix’s OTT viewership data sets to target advertising campaigns directly to households streaming tacked OTT TV shows and movies, based on real-time viewership behaviors. PEERLOGIX is able to deliver the entire spectrum of ‘cord cutters’ as targeted advertising audiences across the programmatic digital advertising landscape.

Content Acquisition Insights

OTT platforms leverage PeerLogix’s streaming viewership data to analyze content and programming demand trends around the world in order to drive content procurement and buying decisions. The real-time and historical data we provide is critical to their profitability and it enables them to generate a better return on content investment.

Entertainment Investment Insights

PeerLogix’s platform has been proven to be predictive of viewership trends on both subscription and non-subscription streaming service platforms. This capability unlocks significant insights for those focused on investing either in companies with substantial streaming services or in the entertainment companies creating video content.


I look forward to exploring how Peerlogix’s massive library of historical and real-time OTT viewership data can help you build your company’s growth goals in both the short and mid-terms.

Until then, very best regards,

William Gorfein

Founder and CEO, Peerlogix


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