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Compiled leveraging its patented platform and proprietary methodology, PeerLogix's comprehensive OTT viewership data library is virtually the only commercially available source of this scale. The company packages its data into unique products, both pre-constructed and customized, creating actionable value across an evolving and expanding set of use cases.

Sample use cases include:

Audience Discovery Insights

Media buyers and data platforms utilize the Company's viewership data to target advertising campaigns directly to households streaming OTT TV shows and movies, based on real-time viewership behaviors. PEERLOGIX is able to deliver the entire spectrum of ‘cord cutters’ as targeted advertising audiences across the digital advertising landscape


Content Acquisition Insights

OTT platforms leverage PeerLogix’s streaming viewership data to analyze content and programming demand trends around the world in order to drive content procurement and buying decisions. The real-time and historical data we provide is critical to their profitability and it enables them to generate a better return on content investment. 


Entertainment Investment Insights

PeerLogix’s platform has been proven to be predictive of viewership trends on both subscription and non-subscription streaming service platforms. This capability unlocks significant insights for those focused on investing either in companies with substantial streaming services or in the entertainment companies creating video content.

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