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Digital Audience Discovery

Media buyers and data platforms utilize the Peerlogix’s OTT viewership data to target advertising campaigns directly to households streaming OTT TV shows and movies, based on real-time viewership behaviors. Peerlogix  is able to deliver the entire spectrum of ‘cord cutters’ as targeted advertising audiences across the digital media landscape.

PeerLogix's patented technology platform sits directly in the video content stream and compiles non-amplified, deterministic, real-time OTT/streaming viewership data from an audience of millions of homes and across more than 65,000 pieces of premium content.


The company has been engaged in active data collection for more than 8 years, creating an unparalleled library of historical and real-time data, sortable by title, genre, studio/network and actor/actress tags. This data is then matched to household and device identifiers, making it possible to target viewers by their viewing behaviors and preferences.


Rediscovering Linear TV's Lost Audience In An OTT World

When combined with traditional television viewership data, these rich 'Over-the-Top' (OTT) TV data segments allow advertisers to reach a more reunified and holistic TV audience. They also allow for pinpoint targeting of well-defined micro-audiences that were never available in the linear TV world.

Relationships with Data Management Platforms
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PeerLogix does not facilitate media buying on its own, but, instead, generally partners with data management platforms that then integrate this OTT viewership data into their own offerings to supply-side platforms.


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