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Rediscovering Linear TV's Lost Audience In An OTT World

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

There is no escaping the growing migration of video content consumption habits away from linear TV and toward internet connected devices that fall largely outside the scope of traditional media buying. As a result, advertisers continue to seek a trusted method of rediscovering and reunifying audiences lost to this fragmenting of the TV landscape.

One bright side to the increasingly digital nature of content consumption habits, however, is that they leave behind bread-crumb-like trails of data that can be analyzed and targeted across the digital programmatic media landscape.

PeerLogix’s unique methodology for the collection and cataloging of streamed content data has been granted a patent by the US government. Simply put, our technology platform sits directly ‘in the stream,’ posing as a content distribution node for the vast majority of the open-source OTT networks.

This position provides a completely unique, real-time and first-hand understanding of consumption behaviors in a way unparalleled by any competitors, assuring the highest levels of quality, precision and accuracy for those end users relying on our data to drive revenue for their brands and success for their clients.

Peerlogix is able to capture real-time OTT viewership data from more than 180 million households. We then catalog and analyze proprietary markers that identify key content information points (title, genre, actor/actress, production studio, time of viewing, etc…), tie viewership information to IP addresses, enhance the data sets with information from both licensed and publicly available databases, and package and sell that data to partners representing both demand and supply sides of the industry, as well as data management and analytics partners.

When combined with traditional television viewership data, these rich 'Over-the-Top' (OTT) TV data segments allow advertisers to reach a more reunified and holistic TV audience. They also allow for pinpoint targeting of well-defined micro-audiences that were never available in the linear TV world.

Sample Partnerships with Data Management Platforms (DMPs)

PeerLogix Partners with SoMo Audience to Create OTT-Based Private Marketplaces in the Mobile Space. The partnership will allow SoMo’s mobile media buyers to target audiences through private marketplaces based on PeerLogix's OTT engagement data, sourced from of over 170 million viewing households and sortable by title, genre, studio/network and actor/actress tags.

PeerLogix and FourthWall Media Partner to Unify Linear and Streaming TV Audiences. The partnership creates a new data pool that can be used by researchers and media buyers for analytics, audience insights and digital campaign targeting. Available via FourthWall's Reveal analytics platform and industry leading DMPs, the resulting audience segments will offer a powerful, unified view of traditional, online, and connected TV viewing behavior.

PeerLogix and Gravy Analytics Partner to Create Next-Level Audience Discovery Segments. The partnership is designed to allow marketers to target consumers across channels based on a union of the companies' extensive data sets. This partnership is powered by LiveRamp®, a leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution, and their Data Innovators program.

PeerLogix Partners with adsquare to Enable Worldwide Targeting of Over-the-Top Audiences for Advertisers and Brands. The partnership will allow buyers in adsquare's Platform to purchase PeerLogix's OTT engagement data consisting of over 170 million households watching television programming, movies, or listening to music, around the world.

180byTwo and PeerLogix Announce Deal to Help Marketers Reach Consumers and Business Professionals Together, the companies have developed new audiences that combine streaming TV viewership insights with 180byTwo’s authenticated deterministic business and consumer attributes.


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