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Explainer Video: Peerlogix's OTT Data-as-a-Service

Video Transcript:

"The next generation of media data analytics has arrived. Meet Peerlogix, an OTC traded company that is revolutionizing the way over-the-top (OTT) viewership data is tracked, packaged and sold to it's growing list of customers in the entertainment and investment space.

Unlike the old Nielsen box that track roughly 22,000 household to gather and sell week old data, Peerlogix tracks real-time streaming viewership data from more than 50,000 premium TV shows across more than 180 million household from mid and longtail OTT networks.

That robust set of real-time analytics is invaluable to advertisers, content creators, and even Wall Street hedge funds - all of whom need up-to-the-minute information to make multi-million-dollar strategic decisions.

And for Peerlogix, the value opportunity from being one of only three primary streaming data analytics providers, can deliver extraordinary opportunities to the company, coming from an OTT and media landscape that has grown exponentially with over 200 streaming platforms today compared to a dozen 3 years ago.

Why is Peerlogix important to its customers? Because their proprietary technology generates real-time analytics - an advantage that benefits streaming platforms with accurate information to make video production and Licensing decisions to increase subscribers by highlighting the good - and reduce costs by showing them which properties to avoid.

And in an industry where fortunes to be made or lost by having accurate and timely information, the demand for Peerlogix services is on the rise from entertainment and investment professionals who recognized the power of this one-of-a-kind source of OTT viewership data that provides meaningful, actionable and timely information to influence critical decisions.

Peerlogix is a pioneer in a hot market and their next-generation real-time package of viewer analytics may be the best and only option for clients to receive the most immediate source of viewership analytics from all major streaming platforms.

To learn more about Peerlogix’s powerful streaming data analytic services visit"


Mar 08

Cool video, I watched it and realized that I wanted to make a similar video style, but only about casino slots, I already write reviews on such sites, but I’m thinking of expanding, and blogging on YouTube is a great option, thanks for the motivation!


Jan 30, 2023

Hi! Do you mind if I convert your video to mp3 format and cut the audio track out of it? I like it very much, but I can't find separate music.

I will use mp3 converter for mac for that.

If you don't mind, please let me know as soon as possible, thanks in advance!

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