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ad targeting segments

OTT Ad Targeting Segments

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Consumers continue to adopt OTT streaming platforms with limited to no advertisements – and although good for viewership experiences – marketers are left challenged when it comes to reaching these audiences on behalf of brands.


PeerLogix, through teaming up with our DMP and AMP partners, seeks to tackle this problem by bringing a programmatic solution to market for advertisers to target otherwise fragmented streaming audiences that can be targeted in a unified manner, at scale.


Having access to real-time viewership data is the holy grail for advertisers, yet is not something currently available to a linear TV industry, traditionally reliant on weekly paneling results. Our partnerships provide additional avenues for the buy-side of the industry to activate ad-buys across OTT audiences.

PeerLogix has been aggregating OTT/streaming viewership data from millions of households and over 65,000 premium content titles for over 8 years, building an unmatched repository of both historical and real-time data.

Our media buying and data marketplace partners can purchase the Company’s OTT viewership data to reach, target and measure advertisements directly to households streaming OTT TV shows and movies

Data Licensing

OTT Data Licensing

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PeerLogix sees a massive amount of raw viewership data – over 65,000 premium shows and movies across dozens of streaming platforms. We take this vast amount of fragmented global OTT viewership data and package it into a valuable data products made available for purchase and trade in the advertising industry. 

Outside of advertising, however, we are also able to make  our comprehensive OTT viewership data sets available to content owners and streaming OTT networks who, then, are able to create value in any way that fits their own business and profitability models.


By way of example, we recently partnered with a leading OTT television network that  is using PeerLogix’s eight-year historical viewership library to analyze movie and programming demand trends around the world. They are able to conduct proprietary analyses of our data sets in order to inform their own content procurement and buying decisions. The real-time and historical data we provide has become critical to their profitability and it enables them to generate a better return on content investment.


With our patented collection methodology, PeerLogix's comprehensive OTT data library is virtually the only commercially available source of OTT viewership on this scale and provides one-stop access to content demand across markets worldwide. 


OTT Product Placement Valuation

Product Placement Valuation
Man advertising a product on the televis

The US marketplace for product placement is poised to break $10 billion for the first time in 2018, up from $8.78 billion in 2017, according to media industry economist PQ Media. OTT video is the fastest growing segment for product placement, including original programming on Netflix and Amazon Prime – with neither platform supporting conventional advertising. 


In an increasingly fragmented video content landscape, where comprehensive viewership data is critically important in the negotiation of distribution rights and product placement opportunities, PeerLogix is leveraging its unique access to data collected from  over 170 million OTT/streaming

households to establish itself as a leader in this emerging space.  The company is focused on sales efforts into this expansive market and establishing additional partnerships that will ensure that our data is leveraged by some of the most prominent content producers and agencies.

To facilitate the comprehensive quantification, measurement and valuation of product placement across a truly unified (linear + OTT/streaming) video content landscape, PeerLogix is proud to have partnered with with Concave Brand Tracking to analyze added product placement value of top box office films of 2017. Concave is a London based market research company which tracks and analyzes brands in entertainment content to account for quality of product exposure, demographics of viewers and other inputs to determine total value.


For example, the top-5 movies for product placement exposure in 2017 generated over $350 million of value for brands according to Concave. PeerLogix measures incremental OTT streaming viewership of shows and movies and found $41 million worth of additional product placement exposure value across OTT streaming viewership.

When synthesized, the complete data sets from Concave and PeerLogix represent the most advance analysis of product placement valuation that the industry is able to provide.

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