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About Our Data Dollection

PeerLogix captures non-personally identifiable household-level viewership data of engagement with the open-source video streaming ecosystem.


Through this process, the company’s patented and proprietary technology creates scalable correlative libraries – building an understanding of how titles are linked to each other by viewer preferences.


While no data collected is tied to specific identities, PeerLogix makes opting out of its viewership panel, at the IP address/household level seamless and definitive.

By clicking on the OPT-OUT button below:


  • You are deciding to exclude your household from interest and behavior-based IP targeted advertising by PeerLogix and all affiliated companies and partners.

  • You are affirming you have the authority to make this decision for your entire household

  • You understand that you MUST be physically located at your primary residence in order to opt-out your household

Your IPv4: 
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