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Q2 Top Streaming Titles by Day: Animated Bar Chart 'Race'

There are any number of ways to visualize a given data set. Static bar charts, line graphs, and heat maps can be very effective in showing static relationships, but when trying to observe ongoing changes in trends over a period of time, an animated bar chart 'race' can be even more illustrative.

The animated bar chart 'race,' below, allows you to watch the the top streaming movie and TV titles 'compete' for the top spots (in raw streams) over the course of April, May and June of 2021.


About PeerLogix

PeerLogix is a recognized leader in the global OTT data-as-a-service space. The company tracks, collects and catalogues viewership data of more than 50,000 premium TV shows and movies as streamed in more than 180 million are many ways to visualize data. When analyzing households, globally, and across virtually every open- soured OTT platform.

PeerLogix’s unique methodology for the collection and cataloging of streamed content data has been granted a patent by the US government (Patent No. US10402545B2). Simply put, our technology platform sits directly ‘in the stream,’ posing as a content distribution node for the vast majority of the peer-to- peer long-tail OTT networks, constantly observing and recording content queries and responses.



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