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OTT Data Insights: PeerLogix Announces Top 5 Streaming ‘Niche Attractors’ of Q1 2019

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

PeerLogix, Inc. (OTC: LOGX), the go-to audience discovery platform for the

OTT/streaming TV landscape, today released data for the first quarter of 2019 that points to a list of top ‘niche attractor’ streaming television series – a classification indicating that a series is showing strong momentum in attracting viewers across all streaming platforms, while still remaining relatively ‘undiscovered’ by the masses.

PeerLogix is the recognized leader in the OTT data space. With its patented streaming observation technology sitting directly ‘in the viewing stream,’ the company tracks viewership data of more than 50,000 premium TV shows and movies across more than 180 million households as streamed on virtually all of the mid and long tail OTT networks.

As first laid out in a blog post entitled ‘OTT Moneyball,’ the PeerLogix leverages its proprietary real-time OTT viewership data to help networks spend their content acquisition budgets in the most efficient manner possible. One particular tactic in this overarching strategy is to identify those shows whose core and committed audience is increasing rapidly in percentage of views/streams, but whose overall viewership numbers are not considered enough to necessarily make the show a classic ‘subscription driver.’ Since budget-minded OTT networks can pick up these ‘niche attractors’ at a relatively low cost, they make good investments as the underlying data shows their ability to bring in a dedicated fan base and the likelihood that they may move from ‘unknown’ to streaming ‘hit’ during the course of the negotiated license.

To qualify as a ‘niche attractor,’ a show must remain under approximately 44,000 total daily views on the last day of the measured period. For the first three months of Q1 2019, the top five ‘niche attractor’ streamed series were:

PeerLogix Founder, William Gorfein explains, “In much the same way that the classic ‘Moneyball’ strategy leveraged data to find those ‘hidden gem’ players that could help a baseball team win more games while keeping budgets under control, our ability to look at specific historic and real-time viewership data – and to customize how we corollate that data - for virtually any piece of streamed content, means that we can help network clients build a smart and efficient content acquisition strategy.”

About PeerLogix PEERLOGIX is the go-to audience discovery platform for those advertisers hoping to make sense of the evolving OTT/streaming TV ecosystem. With a library of over 4 years of streaming video data and powered by a patent pending technology platform that collects and catalogs real-time OTT data – leveraging both licensed and publicly available databases to provide insights into consumer preferences - PEERLOGIX is able to provide the entire spectrum of ‘cord cutters’ as targeted advertising audiences as well as customizable access to a unique and comprehensive OTT data set.



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