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PeerLogix has spent the last five years collecting streaming viewership data from close to 200 million households worldwide and we use that data to identify trends and patterns in consumption

Budget-minded OTT networks can leverage the company’s vast library of viewership-generated data to help them make the decisions, in line with their specific audience-related goals, that will drive the highest number of subscribers with the least amount of churn, while keeping the cost of content acquisition as low as possible.

We call this approach a OTT Moneyball because, analogously to the famous Oakland A’s story, it relies on using data to identify the content that will perform the best for the least amount of investment.


MONEYBALL, by Michael Lewis, is a book about Billy Beane – manager of the early 2000s Oakland A’s -- and how he assembled a highly competitive baseball team despite a particularly small budget.

To accomplish this task, he introduced a groundbreaking new strategy of valuing potential acquisitions based solely on analytical, evidence-based metrics that spoke directly to a players ability to incrementally add to an organization's collective ability to increase chances of scoring runs – rather than focusing on the higher profile stats that speak to their individual performance.

Similarly, PeerLogix leverages its vast data library to help clients look past the surface level analyses that point to titles that everyone is competing for, and to focus on more correlations that may be ‘hidden’ from such a surface-level strategy.

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