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OTT Data-as-a-Service

What's Streaming? Who's Watching?

PeerLogix (OTC: LOGX) is the recognized leader in the global OTT data-as-a-service space. The company tracks viewership data of more than 50,000 premium TV shows and movies across more than 180 million households as streamed from virtually every open-source OTT network, globally. This data can be leveraged to create actionable insights  for advertisers, content creators, OTT platforms and strategic investors.


Patented Tech Platform

Data Collection Process

Database Integration

Insight Development Algorithms


OTT Data Collection

Historical Library (4 years)

Real-Time Monitoring

180 Million Households


Customizable OTT Insights

Audience Discovery

Content Acquisition

Entertainment Investment

PeerLogix observes, catalogues and analyzes a massive amount of raw OTT viewership data. We then collate and package these data sets into unique products, both pre-constructed and customized, creating actionable value across an evolving and expanding set of use cases.

Sample OTT Data Products


Audience Discovery Insights

Media buyers and data platforms utilize the Peerlogix’s OTT viewership data to target advertising campaigns directly to households streaming OTT TV shows and movies, based on real-time viewership behaviors. PEERLOGIX is able to deliver the entire spectrum of ‘cord cutters’ as targeted advertising audiences across the digital advertising landscape


Rediscovering Linear TV's Lost Audience In An OTT World

When combined with traditional television viewership data, these rich 'Over-the-Top' (OTT) TV data segments allow advertisers to reach a more reunified and holistic TV audience. They also allow for pinpoint targeting of well-defined micro-audiences that were never available in the linear TV world.

Sample DMP Partners
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Content Acquisition Insights

OTT platforms leverage PeerLogix’s streaming viewership data to analyze content and programming demand trends around the world in order to drive content procurement and buying decisions. The real-time and historical data we provide is critical to their profitability and it enables them to generate a better return on content investment. 

Playing OTT ‘Moneyball’: Data-Driven Content Acquisition

Once armed with this new data-supported and cost-effective way of grading shows, a network can begin to build a truly cost-effective library of licensed content.


Entertainment Investment Insights

PeerLogix’s platform has been proven to be predictive of viewership trends on both subscription and non-subscription streaming service platforms. This capability unlocks significant insights for those focused on investing either in companies with substantial streaming services or in the entertainment companies creating video content.

PeerLogix Partners with Eagle Alpha to Supply OTT Data to Buy-Side Investor Firms The partnership will add real-time and historical OTT viewership data to Eagle Alpha’s vast library of alternative data supplied to the buy-side investment community.


What People Are Saying

Anna Brantley, CRO


“By working with PeerLogix, we’re able to help marketers connect with valuable audiences who are likely to care about and intend to spend on specific product categories – from auto and apparel to dining out and donating to special causes. By bringing our two unique data sets together, we are giving advertisers a rare opportunity to blend ‘where’ people are spending time, with ‘what’ they are likely to spend their dollars on.”

Ben Goldman, CRO


"We’re excited to work with PeerLogix to incorporate our deterministic insights into a wide range of TV-based behaviors and intent signals. Our goal is to make data actionable while providing accurate data that empower brands to reach the right customers. Through this partnership, we’re helping both B2B and B2C marketers target more effectively, utilizing a more complete customer view and delivering a more meaningful message to the end customer."

Jonathan Slavin, Managing Director  


JTG Ventures

“PeerLogix has a very exciting story to tell the digital media ecosystem. Their ability to offer such a unique data set – a comprehensive catalogue of more than 4 years of OTT data - allows brands to immediately complement their premium video buying with a scalable, and previously unidentified, audience viewership of premium inventory. It really is a no-brainer once the industry understands what PeerLogix delivers in the OTT space.”

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